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Experts & Advanced Partner of Amazon Web Services

We are specialized partners in AWS.
Our certified team will help you face the different challenges in your digital transformation.

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Make your journey easier and faster with our Cloud services

Build smart and scalable solutions, adopting the best cloud services, and leveraging the latest technologies. Our services are designed to help you improve your development cycle and implement your cloud strategy easily to become better, faster, and more cost-effective.

Cloud Migration

Improve the availability and scalability of your applications moving to the Cloud

Migrate your workloads and applications of any scale to the Cloud and step up your business! Wherever you are in your cloud journey, we assist you in getting the best out of cloud technology.

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Bridge the gap between software development and operations

We don’t sit back and babysit. We focus on empowering your team to maximize the value produced by your infrastructure through automation tools. Our main goal is to streamline and boost your operational efficiency and application delivery.

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Managed Cloud

Get expert support for your daily challenges

Concentrate on your business development, instead of constantly managing and resolving Cloud-related issues. Our team of certified Cloud experts will assure an ongoing cloud management 24/7/365 of your infrastructure.

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Ready to make a success of your Kubernetes implementation?

Take the final leap with the help of our container technology experts. We will work with you to build and tune high performance Kubernetes platforms to support rapid and continuous application development and deployment.

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About Nubersia

Sparking change to unlock new values

IT Consulting Company, 100% Cloud dedicated, with more than 6 years’ experience implementing Cloud infrastructures for multiple kinds of projects within different industries. We act as an extension of your IT team, providing deep AWS Cloud Expertise and letting them focus on their core business.

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  • Qualified team
    All our engineers are certified by AWS
  • Professionalism
    Transparency and integrity are the basis of our work ethos
  • Commitment
    100% committed to delivering our very best
  • Passion
    We believe in what we do and meet our challenges with a positive attitude

Always exploring new ways of making the Cloud easier and more efficient for our clients.


cloud and devops services


Enhance your team’s effectiveness and boost productivity with our trainings delivered privately to your organization.

Discover how our comprehensive training solution creates structured learning paths for executives and IT professionals to acquire knowledge and deep Cloud & DevOps skills.

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Our Customers

Don’t take our word for it, just ask our clients

With Nubersia we have reduced costs and we have optimized the platform. A close and professional treatment.

Dani Jimenez

With Nubersia improving continuously our platform has been a success and with the 24/7 Managed Cloud service, we don't have to worry anymore about the platform availability.

David López Carrascal

Nubersia directly understood our needs and challenges. Our infrastructure evolved to the next level, coupled with our ability to disengage from server management and supervision. They are the perfect partner-guide when automating and managing your cloud server technology.

David Ortega

For a digital company, having an optimized and controlled infrastructure is vital. Having Nubersia's team as a Strategic Partner in this field gives us, above all, peace of mind and the ability to focus on our business development, knowing that the service is in good hands.

Alejandro Cancelas



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