Strategic agreement to guarantee a better service

The alliance of two visionary companies,in this case a union to achieve a common goal, Value Hibrid and Nubersia have decided to join forces with the sole objective of implementing complete technological solutions for Industry 4.0.

Cloud solutions for industry 4.0

On the one hand Value Hybrid offers Digital LOTO Value, a solution made up of management software and electronic hardware, unique in the market, which achieves a true digital transformation in LOTO procedures.

In a very summarized way, it increases the efficiency of the work and the safety of the people who perform the procedures, while generating an immediate traceability (Data Collection online), of all the data and events that are recorded, allowing full monitoring and control of the aforementioned procedures.

And Nubersia, a technology consulting company dedicated 100% to the Cloud, founded in early 2014. Technological partner of different public and private companies for which it leads the implementation of new technologies in the IT sector ranging from specialized services in cloud consulting until the implementation of advanced technologies such as Kuebrnetes,

What is this strategic alliance?

Value Hibrid, a pioneer in the digital transformation of LOTO processes, has entrusted the design and implementation, as well as the management and administration of its “Value Digital LOTO” platform to Nubersia Advanced consulting partner of AWS, this agreement will allow the company to free up time and resources to focus on higher value-added tasks at the business level.

A dedicated team from Nubersia will take care of the operation and technical maintenance of the Value Hybrid systems, applying the best practices to ensure a non-stop platform and a high quality service.

With this alliance, the best service and the absolute guarantee are ensured for Value Hibrid multinational clients, linked to the “safety first” challenge in the industrial workplace.

Certainly both teams have reaffirmed their commitment and confidence

“The main purpose of this alliance is to improve the operations of Value Hibrid clients offering them our agility, knowledge and experience that we have achieved during those years.”