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About Playtheatres

Playtheatres is an Online VOD platform, that offers a variety of performing art content such as theater, opera, dance, and classical music.

Its mission is to promote and preserve live shows and make them accessible without geographical, social, or economic limits. The Playtheatres team films acquire and transport the best pieces of art to the customer’s screen.


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When Plathetares contacted us they were in the initial phase of developing a video on demand platform, but they didn’t have knowledge about how to deploy it on an IT infrastructure that would guarantee and cover the need that a platform of this type must meet, such as scalability and security.

For this reason, Playtheatres was looking for an IT Partner to accompany them on their journey, and help them throughout the solution development process.

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Deployment of a highly scalable platform using Lambda and AWS transcoder service

The first thing that was established with the client was to undertake an analysis of the current status of the project as well as the requirements they had.

After the execution of the analysis and thanks to our expertise on this type of platform and our experience with other clients, we worked on the design of an infrastructure with a large storage capacity, agile and fast in terms of content delivery and scalable to adapt to the real needs of users.

We also implemented a highly scalable transcoding system using AWS transcoder to transform and broadcast content in different formats such as HLS and DASH.

the infrastructure was implemented using the following AWS services:

  • AWS S3 for low-cost storage and a 99.99999999% service guarantee.
  • AWS Amazon Cloudfront to deliver content in an agile way to users, and we intensified authentication and access security measures.
  • Amazon Elastic Container Services for the deployment of the API processing solution.
  • AWS Elastic Transcoder with AWS Lambda, to automatically generate content in the different formats required by the platform.

In addition, other services such as AWS Cloud Watch for monitoring and AWS DocumentDB for the database system were included.

Currently, we continue to evolve the platform with the integration of new service models like Live Streaming with the deployment of new solutions based on AWS Media Package and AWS Media Live services.

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Going Serverless is a great way of cuting costs and improving scalability

  • Pay per use
    Serverless infrastructure that allows the client to pay only for what is used.
  • Scalability
    The implemented AWS managed services have the scalability required by the platform with the least impact on operations.
  • Productivity
    By delegating the management of the It infrastructure to Nubersia, allowed the client’s team to focus on the core of their business

Thanks to the Nubersia team, we were able to carry out the project that we were developing. Working with them was a good choice they supported and helped us in everything related to IT infrastructure. We are sure that we will continue working with them to grow and improve the platform.

David Hernandez Ciurana

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