Certainly, global internet usage has increased exponentially over the past decade and the importance of the presence of a company in the digital world has become fundamental to improve online positioning and branding.

In this digital age, the web content has changed from being text with attractive formats and colors to pictures, videos, and style sheets with a lot of animation. This transformation helps us to get our visitor´s attention but increases the bandwidth to download to enjoy our website.

One of the main causes that make our websites slower is adding more multimedia content to it but obviously, this content is necessary, that’s why we should look for other alternatives to improve our website`s speed and performance.

As expected technology has not lagged behind, it keeps trying to make the users get the best experience when browsing our website, avoiding slow loads of our content, that´s why The technologic term “Content Delivery Network” has been introduced to the market, which is nothing more than a network of secured servers, specially configured to deliver content at high speeds, lower latency and strategically distributed around the world. On those servers, you can store copies of static content of the web like pictures, videos, style sheets CSS, JavaScript, etc. …, files that take most of the time of the website load.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) 

The main purpose of a CDN is to make the visitors that are far from your original server receive the static content of your website faster, in this way you will improve the user´s experience, reduce the bounce rate, and as a result you will increase your website visitors.


If we observe the image above of how CDN Works, we will notice that the static content (videos, images, CSS) is delivered by the closest CDN  to the user, while the dynamic content (HTML, PHP)  is delivered by the web server, this reduces the latency and the load time.

What are the benefits of a CDN?

Implementing a CDN can affect all the aspects of your website, however, the major advantages that your website can get from using it are:

  1. Responsiveness: decreasing remarkably latency means the web site’s loading time gets shorter because a CDN reuses the sessions previously opened by your visitors. In such a way that when a user wants to access your website, it will load quickly and he won’t have to wait to get the full view of the website. In case the caching content is lost they can be recuperated by the interconnection with other CDN servers.

before a CDN and after

  1. Security: increasing the protection of the website; a CDN is perfectly situated to act as a virtual high-security fence it blocks spammers, false bots, scrapers and protects the website from DDoS attacks which is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.
  1. Scalability: CDN is expected to handle any amount of traffic, it scales up or down within a short amount of time and since a typical website is composed of approximately 80% static content, a significant portion of your assets will be delivered faster.
  1. SEO Improvement: we all know that page speed is a very important factor in relation to page ranking it’s one of the things that search engines take into consideration in their algorithm and not just this, the site speed increase the frequency in which Google crawl our web site’s pages, in turn, it allows the content to be more widely available and indexed faster.
  1. Lower Costs: A content delivery network requires less self-managed infrastructure beside that assets can be served from a cache on the edge servers which can reduce dramatically the cost if you are paying your web host according to the bandwidth of data transfer.

traditional vs CDN

What is the best CDN option for my business?

Now that you decided to implement a CDN to improve the performance of your website, a good question comes up” Who is the supplier that can be my best option?”

In this section we will make the task of searching and comparing easier for you, we will present you an option that we think it’s one of the best on the market because of its multiple benefits:

Amazon CloudFront is a service offered by AWS as its content delivery network, and as is to be expected from one of the technology giants this web service provides excellent benefits:

  • Global, Growing CDN: one of the reasons that made us choose Cloudfront as the best option for our CDN is its fast and continuous expansion, it has 113 points of presence in 56 cities of 24 countries around the world.
  • Secure Content: CloudFront provides high protection to both network and application it works with some meticulous standards like PCI, DSS, HIPAA, ISO to ensure a safe content delivery and secure applications and this by SSL/TLS enabling automatically advanced SSL characteristics and offering all the personalized certificates that you can need with easy implementation.
  • Integration: if you are an AWS customer you will enjoy the integration with other available services on the platform like S3, EC2, ELB, Route, API, Gateway, and so on.
  • High performance: CloudFront is optimized to offer low latency and high speed of data transfer. The smart routing table is based on measuring real and updated latency continuously, besides this CloudFront offers also regional edge cache locations as a part of its standard offer.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: you only pay for the data transfer and requests used to deliver content to your users, with CloudFront there are no anticipated payment or platform fees. New clients of AWS receive 50Gb of outgoing data transfers and 2.000.000 HTTP and HTTPS requests a month during one year, to make an idea 10Gb of transfers cost about 0.85$ in the USA or Europe (to see all the prices check this link)
  • Easy to use: all the features of Amazon CloudFront can be programmatically configured.B eside this and as an Amazon service it has the support of partner companies with a prepared staff to assist you in your projects in the cloud.

Many companies are taking advantage of CloudFront benefits like:

Empresas con CDN

Cloud Computing Support

In Nubersia, we accompany you during the deployment of your infrastructure on AWS we even can do the whole process for you, and make a posterior technologic transfer for the management of your resources in the cloud. Request your free audit on our website.

If you need more information about CloudFront, you can check the website of AWS.