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Magnus is an energy purchasing consulting company, focused on the risk management associated with commodity markets where energy is generally commercialized.

Magnus Commodities is invested by the multinational Veolia, one of the most important companies in the energy sector in the world. Present in five continents with almost 169,000 employees, more than 737,977 customers and 25, 25,125 million euros in turnover.

Magnus Commodities EN


Magnus was in a growth phase opening up to new European markets, and to adapt their resources to their present and future needs they contacted us to initiate their digital transformation process.

This digital transformation involves facing facing different challenges, , that’s why we decided to divide the implementation into 3 phases:

  • The first challenge was that Magnus had the need to migrate their analytic platform to a system that offer them the guarantee of having a high availability, adaptability to the growth of their product, advanced monitoring, as well as a continuous integration environment that allows their technical team to have the necessary tools for an optimal and agile work.


    Design and deployment of a new infrastructure highly available, adaptable and based on its growth in market positioning. It was necessary to implement internal process automation solutions to eliminate and speed up the evolution and exploitation of the platform. This platform must have 3 environment the production, quality and development managed through a Jenkins CI system.

    We have achieved this through:

    • Design of a network structure (VPC) in which we have public and private subnets to guarantee the protection of productive and internal exploitation services not relevant to the client.
    • Implementation of an automatic scaling solution using memory consumption metrics for the web service, which will be located in a private subnet answering the requests of a public ELB (EC2, ELB).
    • Use of a RDS MultiAz relational database located in private subnets mitigating possible DoS or SQL injection attacks.
    • Application of a monitoring system (CloudWatch), alerts (SES) and management of logs (CloudWatch Logs) that will allow us to know abrupt changes or unexpected variations of our infrastructure, as well as to control the behaviors of the platform.
    • Implementation of Backup & Disaster Recovery policies, to guarantee the system restoration through solution like (Lambda, S3, CloudWatch Events)
    • Integration of a CI solution “Jenkins” for the automation of processes between DEV, QA and PRO, allowing the generation of artifacts and the continuous integration between different environment as well as offering an easy administration for clients
  • Due to the growth of the company and its geographic expansion, MAGNUS CMD had the need to possess a global solution that would allow all the employees to have access to rall the resources and be able to carry out their work from everywhere, besides the solution must be adaptable to different devices that they can use (tablets, mobiles, desktops…).


    We designed and deployed a global connectivity solution between the central offices and company resources that were migrated to the cloud, and this by deploying different connectivity solution depending on the location and the device.

    We have achieved this by:

    • •Migration of its main collaborative services from the main headquarters to the AWS platform (EC2, RDS), deploying it in a private system for its security, and limited accessibility.
    • Design of an AWS VPN Gateway solution from the central offices with the implementation of an internal FIREWALL and IPSEC technology, which allows the employees of the headquarters to work normally and without changing their work methodology to date.
    • Implementation of a client-server VPN solution (EC2), for workers geographically distributed and compatible with multi-devices, applying secure VPN technologies.
    • All the system deployed on AWS solution with maintenance policies, and automated restoration (Lambda and S3) that allow the guarantee of the service.
    • All the deployed solution includes automated policies of maintenance (lambda and S3) that guarantee a fast service restoration.
  • MAGNUS CMD decided to evolve its M-Tech analytical platform at the level of information insertion, obtaining data from new business models, as well as developing a solution that can be exploited by its own platform and with the possibility of exploitation by third-party players. For this, they needed a highly scalable solution, controlled in costs and with maximum security.


    We designed a solution based on Serverless technology with the different services offered by AWS platform and with a high security and authentication system.

    We’ve achieved this by:

    • Deployment of a relational data platform (RDS) and non-relational data platform with third-party solutions (MongoDB).
    • Execution of the data intake and exploitation processes through serverless services (Lambda) with internal connectivity (VPC) and highly available (MultiAZ).
    • Publication and management of external services through the use of the AWS API Gateway service, which allows centralized, scalable, secure management with its own authentication and ssl / tls encryption.
    • Control of versions at CI level and own restoration systems.



Magnus Commodities EN

Security and availability : a secure infrastructure , highly available 24/7, agile and flexible


Magnus Commodities EN

Mobility: A platform that can be exploitable from everywhere & accessible from different devices.

Magnus Commodities EN

Automation: A secure system that guarantee a fast data recovery.

Magnus Commodities EN

Continuous integration: code updates without any down-time.

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