Magento en AWS

Implementing an architecture of Magento on AWS

About Merkatu:

MERKATUprovides consulting services in electronic business and digital management projects, advises and collaborates in their implementation, launch and monitoring.We collaborate with them in the srevice case of “FUNDACIÓN DONDÉ” which is one of the leaders of lending market in Mexico.

Magento en AWS


Markatu develops a web application for “FUNDACIÓN DONDÉ” which is an e-commerce platform where their products will be sold in Mexico, and they estimate that the marketing campaigns will generate to the web an average of 5000 visits of potential clients

Our challenge is  to ensure that the infrastructure can support the traffic variations variations besides being highly available, fast and secure as well as allowing the development team to update the application easily without interrupting the service.


We designed and deployed a new infrastructure highly available, scalable, and very secure. The infrastructure will be able to support a large number of transaction per minute and easy to update and manage, the platform have 3 environment.

This how we proceeded:

  • Design of a network structure in which we have public and private subnets to guarantee the protection of productive services.
  • The implementation of an automatic scaling solution using memory consumption metrics for the web service, which will be located in a private subnet answering the requests of a public ELB..
  • The use of a RDS multiAz relational database located in a private subnet mitigating possible DoS or SQL injection attacks..
  • The application of a monitoring system and alerts that will allow us to know abrupt changes or unexpected variations of our infrastructure
  • The implementation of Backup & Desaster Recovery policies
  • The integration of a CI solution “Jenkins” for the automation of processes between DEV, QA and PRO and the deployment of REDIS and CloudFront to improve the performance of the web service.
Arquitectura Magento en AWS


beneficios de magento en AWS

Secure infrastructure highly available 24/7

beneficios de magento en AWS

Scalable service “up/down” optimizing costs opting for the pay per use model.

beneficios de magento en AWS

Monitoring system that permits to detect incidences en a preventing way

beneficios de magento en AWS

Code updating application without down-time .

beneficios de magento en AWS

Fast and efficient disaster recovery tools

beneficios de magento en AWS

Improving the user experience .

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