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Differences between stateful vs stateless in architecture

Systems architecture plays a fundamental role in the design of efficient software applications and systems. Two key concepts in this area are “stateful” and “stateless”. These concepts refer to the way in which information is managed and stored within an application or system. Although both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, understanding the differences between…

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What is Deployment in Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a widely used container orchestration platform that enables efficient deployment and management of applications in scalable and distributed environments. In this context, the Deployment tool plays a critical role by providing a mechanism to deploy and manage applications in an automated and controlled manner within a Kubernetes cluster. Deployment Basics Deployment in Kubernetes…

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Managing stateful application using statefulsets

What is a StatefulSet? We can define it as the API object for workload and administration of stateful applications or also known as “stateful applications”. This manages the deployment and scaling of a set of pods. Thus offering guarantees on the order and uniqueness of the pods it manages. Like deployments, a StatefulSet manages pods…

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Comparison between GitHub vs Azure DevOps

When we talk about modern software development companies, collaborating with different members of a team is a day-to-day job, they currently have at their disposal a wide selection of tools that help developers store and manage their code efficiently and sure, if GitHub and Azure DevOps are excellent development platforms that cover most of the…

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Comparison between Jenkins vs CircleCI

Most companies in the software development sector around the world currently follow agile methodologies in their SDLC, today continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are buzzwords. Automating build and release activities is fast becoming common practice. for a long time Jenkins has been the most widely used CI/CD automation tool, much of this is due…

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Continuous integration in software development

Continuous integration is an agile software development concept and a fundamental part of the DevOps approach. This method is commonly used in projects where multiple programmers are jointly involved in developing an application. Continuous integration focuses on the regular merging of code from developers working independently into a central repository that everyone can access. The…

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