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What questions should I ask myself when migrating to the cloud?

Before going in depth, I want you to be clear about the answer to this question, why migrate? The cloud has become the new norm as companies of all sizes have realized its benefits. For most managers, the question is no longer whether to do so, but how quickly they can migrate and who will…

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Elastic Transcoder vs Elemental MediaConvert

  Elastic Transcoder vs Elemental MediaConvert De cara a utilizar la administración de derechos digitales (DRM) para restringir el acceso a su lista de reproducción para que sólo los usuarios autenticados puedan ver su contenido, AWS ofrece dos posibilidades: AWS Elastic Transcoder y AWS Elemental MediaConvert.   AWS Elastic Transcoder Por un lado, tenemos el…

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CronJobs in your Kubernetes environment

Kubernetes has rapidly become the de-facto standard for the management of containerized infrastructures. Within the varied workload resources available in Kubernetes for controlling and managing pods and containers, the most common are: Deployments ReplicaSets StatefulSets These are used to both create systems and control desired behavior of the different parts. Even though these resources have…

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Managed Kubernetes Services comparison: GKE vs. EKS vs. AKS

Due to the success of our Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm blog post, and the increasing popularity of Kubernetes as one of the most powerful container orchestration tools, today we are going to review the managed Kubernetes services offered by the leading Public Cloud Providers: Amazon Web services, Azure and google cloud   Amazon Web Services…

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What is Serverless technology and what are its advantages

Serverless technology is a new concept that is expanding strongly due to the advantages it offers. If you are still getting used to working in the cloud (and many companies have not yet decided to make the leap from the physical server to the cloud server) comes this new possibility that although it is translated…

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