Before going in depth, I want you to be clear about the answer to this question, why shall I migrate my workloads to the cloud?

The cloud is the new normal, companies of all sizes have realized its benefits. For most managers, the question is no longer whether to do so, but how quickly they can migrate to the cloud and which workload will migrate first.

A recent IDC whitepaper shows that customers migrating to AWS can experience a 51% reduction in operations costs, a 62% increase in IT staff productivity, and a 94% reduction in inactivity time.

One of the concerns of company executives when migrating their physical servers to the cloud is security, although storage services in the cloud are very popular, the truth is that there is often some fear about data loss as well as data privacy.

Before migrating to the cloud, it’s very important to get answers to the following questions to make your team initiate a successful and secure migration with all the guaranties.

Question # 1 Where will your data be stored?

Knowing in which country your data will be located is quite important, and if the country complies with the appropriate guarantees for data protection.

Question # 2 Will I be able to recover my data?

The integrity and recovery of your data is a matter of great relevance. Your cloud service provider, with which you work, must give you the best tools to build an efficient and automated backup system that makes it easier for you to recover your lost data in a short time.

Question # 3 How much resource will I need?

You should take into consideration your real workload needs to use the cloud properly, in a pay as you go model.

At Nubersia, we build optimized and advanced environments, where, as cloud experts, we first analyze every workload needs, then we use monitoring tools to see which resources can be optimized.

Question # 4 Who on my team has permission to access the data and what kind of permission do they have?

Most Cloud platform users do not know that permissions and access management is one of the pillars of cloud security.

As Cloud experts, we build access management policies models that protect the accesses to your cloud infrastructure, track them and also establish the user permissions that you deem appropriate to each group of users.

Question # 5 What storage service should I hire?

The Cloud offers plenty of storage services, for example in AWS there are many choices such as Simple Storage service S3, Elastic block storage EBS and Elastic File System EFS, each service is designed for a specific need, to choose the right service make sure you are on the right hands.

Are you ready to start your migration? Maybe right now you are not clear about it and you do not know where to start, what you can be clear about is that we are an AWS partner and we can help you with your entire migration process.

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