This last decade, we saw many advances and improvements in the artificial intelligence area, the big technology companies over the world are incorporating it every time more in their solutions. The AI can be used in many sectors and activities and for different purposes, but in this post, we will focus on a term that is very used nowadays which is “Bots”.

What is a Bot?

A bot is nothing more than software that uses artificial intelligence and operates as an agent executing different tasks or simulating human activities without human intervention. Those tasks can be simple like answering simple questions about a product or a service, to others that can be a little bit more complex such as a flight reservation or making phone calls.

The most common implementation so far, are the chatbots which are designed to simulate conversations with human users using a chat that is able to answer questions and queries or directing an application to a specific area or department.

What do Bots do?

Its main applicability is to perform customer service functions which would normally require a telephone call to a human agent or a chat. With the help of a bot, a user can get information for example about his TV subscription, add additional services to his current package, report service failures, and an endless more options. Another type of bots can help you to schedule your meetings, alert you once it’s been arranged, and add it to your calendar.

What are Bots uses?

Chat APPs are incorporating to their services the possibility of integrating the “Chatbots” into their conversational interface. As an example, we could name companies like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Kik Messenger, and more.

On the other hand, companies that count on customer service have these resources to automate the attention and management of the products offered. In this particular, they integrate the capacity of voice recognition and interpret or read written content and transform it into a voice, while performing attention or management operations to users.

How can I generate my own bot?

Besides the chat Apps that allow us to integrate the “Chatbots”, we have the possibility of creating our own using Amazon Lex. This service offered by AWS allows the easy creation of conversational interfaces with the advanced functionalities of deep learning, sophisticated natural language, and language comprehension that “ALEXA” possesses.

Amazon Lex offers easy integration with other AWS services and particularly with AWS Lambda and AWS Connect, complementing the features of voice recognition, attention, and management. The integration with AWS Lambda increases the possibility of bots to perform complicated tasks saving resources, time, effort, and money.

What are the benefits of implementing your bot in a cloud platform?

There are solutions that can be applied in onPremise environments that could be adjusted to the particular needs of an expected solution, but it is worth considering an implementation in the cloud because it offers us particular benefits that we will hardly get in local implementation. Among the most important we consider:

1- Flexibility of use by having a console that allows in a few steps to have an initial solution deployed.

2- Integration with other services specific to the environment in the cloud, these services provide an added value to the solution such as the fact of having monitoring and a system of alerts on use, consumption, executions, etc. Configurable and easy to administrate.

3- The administration of the infrastructure where the service runs is guaranteed by the provider, this makes it easy to focus on the objectives that should be accomplished by the solution.

4- Most cloud providers manage the costs of solutions like this by requests, avoiding anticipated costs, minimum fees, or booking contracts.